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Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)

 Central Hindi Directorate (CHD)

About Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) 

The Central Hindi Directorate established by Government of India in March 1960 functions as a subordinate office of the Ministry of Education Government of India. It has a number of schemes for the encouragement and expansion of Hindi languages. 

There is a Correspondence Courses department which carries the responsibility of Hindi language teaching even to non – Hindi speaking Indians and foreigners. The Audio Video cassettes and CDs in Hindi language teaching are also published by this Directorate apart from many other publications such as the foreign language dictionary, the bilingual or the trilingual or the new dictionaries, the Bhasha, the Varshiki and the Sahitya Mala. It also organizes exhibitions and distributes free Hindi books on certain criteria. It has also published the Hindi-Indonesian dictionary and conversational guides on the Hindi-Tamil, the Malayalam-Hindi, the Bangla-Hindi, and the Hindi-Czech. 

The Directorate has sponsors many prizes and awards to Hindi authors, besides making people incline towards the learning of Hindi language. There are two schemes with respect to the grants to the voluntary Hindi organizations for the promotion and development of Hindi. The Department of Correspondence Courses of the Directorate offers the following courses through correspondence. 

Certificate Course in Hindi 

Diploma Course in Hindi 



Pragya and 

Civil Services Hindi Course 

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