Monday, 14 November 2022

Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS)

 Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS)  

About Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS)

The C-DAC produces efficient manpower for the service of nation in general and for itself in particular. Its Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) trains the manpower in information Technologies. There are more than 100 network centers to conduct the programmes.  The courses offered under ACTS are as follows.   

• Diploma in Advanced Computing (DAC)   

• Diploma in Embedded Systems Design Course (DESD)   

• Diploma in Geoinformatics Course (DIG)   

• Diploma in Information Technology 

• Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT)   

• Diploma in VLSI Design (DVLSI)   

• Co curricular Diploma in Advanced Computing   

• Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (DACA)   

• Multimedia & Computer Arts Certificate 

The new inclusions to the category are the courses in the areas of Geomatics, Enterprise System Management (ESM), and Embedded Systems. The specializations of R & D center of ACTS include adaptive testing systems, eLearning frameworks and Internet security (PKI, Secure Transactions and Protocols for eLearning and eGovernance). It has also developed unique Online Exam solution for ICICI Infotech to conduct a countrywide secure test for recruiting software engineer trainees.

The PACE group works to promote the use of Indian languages in computers and computer technologies through the following training programmes 

  • Courses in Multilingual Technology 
  • Diploma Courses 
  • Advanced Diploma Courses 

National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) 

The courses offered under NMRC of CDAC are as follows. 

  • Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (DACA) 
  • Diploma in Multimedia Creations (DMC) 
  • Low Cost Multimedia Creations (LCMC) 
  • Applied Computer Arts (ACA)

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